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LCL Plant are currently recruiting for utility based team contracts in Ireland, Scotland and England, for Water, Electric, Cabling, Gas, Sewer and Grounds Work. If you have experience, we would love to hear from you.

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Latest Applications

Primary Skill
04/08/2023 04 August 2023
24/07/2023 24 July 2023
N. Ireland
Diver License
26/06/2023 26 June 2023
Machine Operator
12/03/2023 12 March 2023
N. Ireland
Machine Operator
12/03/2023 12 March 2023
N. Ireland
Machine Operator

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Gas Technician

Are you a skilled gas technician? Join our growing team of talented gas technicians now to help maintain, repair, install, and service various gas systems.

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Water Supply Specialist

We are always looking for skilled water specialists to join our growing team. Install the essential piping, valves, and pumps.

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Electrical Engineer

We are looking for talented electrical engineers to help us research, design, and test electrical systems.

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Cabling Specialist

We are seeking to find more specialists to join our growing team of cabling specialists. Apply now and find rewarding career opportunities as a cabling specialist for LCL Plant.

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Sewer Worker

At LCL Plant, our dedicated team of sewer workers are in need of some new talent to join the crew. Join our team today and find a rewarding career with LCL Plants sewer team today.

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Ground Works Employee

Our groundworks team delivers analytical, environmental, and engineering support for the rest of our crew. Join us today to find a rewarding career as an LCL Plant ground works employee!

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Are you looking for rewarding contract work as a specialized utility based team? Don’t keep waiting for for the right jobs to fall onto your desk. LCL Plant makes the application process as simple as possible and are currently looking for new talent. Finding high quality job contracts in the utility industry can be a time consuming and overly complicated task. We acknowledge this at LCL Plant, and have created a process to streamline the task at hand. Don’t keep waiting. Find a rewarding utility team contract today, and apply for a job with LCL Plant today!

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